Naks Hospitality Pty Ltd
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Our experience in hotel cleaning for hotels and services apartments means we can provide cleaners to carry out day and overnight cleaning together with all types of hotel contract cleaning. Our existing hotel cleaning contracts are testament to the fact that we help assist our clients in the smooth running of their accommodation. Our staff can provide hotel room cleaning to suit all tourism and business hotels. Naks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. can exceed the service levels provided by other hotel cleaning companies by producing schedules arranged to help you maximize room occupancy.
 Housekeeping Services
Our regular housekeeping services include hotel room cleaning, vacuuming, window cleaning and polishing. Hotel carpet cleaning can be provided in both bedrooms and communal areas. Health spa and fitness facilities can be cleaned on a scheduled basis, including washroom, spa and treatment rooms. We can remove hotel waste and provide regular or ad-hoc overnight deep cleans in hotel and restaurant kitchens. Although a large amount of our experience is in the delivery of cleaning services for business hotels in Australia – our staff can be provided to all hotel, inns, pubs, holiday centers and health clubs. Accommodations aimed at the business and leisure markets are cleaned to an outstanding degree of cleanliness. We can provide flexible plans to hotels that experience greater numbers of business travelers in the week requiring 24 hour services and then a flow of tourist trade at the weekend.
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