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Hotel Housekeeping Services

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Hotel Housekeeping Services

The hotel housekeeping duties are among the most important in the business as it can make or break a hotel business. It is an expectation of all hotel guests that the rooms needs to be neat and clean at the start of each day during their stay.

Our expertly trained and committed workforce will integrate with your business and operate to your own brand standards. We can also take responsibility for planning, organising and delivering your hotel housekeeping service which will free up your own time and resources to focus on your core business.

When you partner with NAKS for hotel housekeeping services your guests and your property will receive;

Trained professional housekeeping personnel.

Ability to scale your staffing needs up and down easily as required.

Ensure improved quality of service.

A customized hotel cleaning program for the specific needs of your hotel.

NAKS Hospitality carryout the following duties on a day to day basis to keep the premises spic and span.

Stripping the Room

This activity is done when an existing guest checks out and a new guest is ready for check in. NAKS staff is well trained to arrange the room properly by cleaning garbage, collecting soiled linen for laundering, arranging beds and clean the room thoroughly to ensure the new guest will be satisfied with their accommodation. Also we do;

Walk all assigned floors at beginning and end of shift to collect bags, newspapers, trash and solid linen.

Pickup clean linen and refill the par stock of linen on each floor pantry.

Refill the par stock of guest amenities and supplies on each floor pantry.

Help the room boys / house maids with the heavy lifting when super cleaning / spring cleaning of rooms.

Remove soiled linen and trash from the pool side and other service area and take to appropriate locations in the prescribed manner.


Cleaning the Bathroom

A clean bathroom is essential to avoid germs and keep the hotel room hygienic. NAKS staff is well trained to clean sink, tub/shower and toilet so as to disinfect every day. We use the industry's best cleaning chemicals to mop the floor and wipe down walls and countertops.


Dusting the Room

NAKS use wet and dry vacum ceaners to remove any dust or dirt from the carpet. This also involves cleaning rugs, carpets and upholstered furniture using a vacuum cleaner, broom and carpet shampoo machine. All furniture’s and equipment will be dusted and mirrors/windows will clean until they are spotless. Also we sweeps, mops, scrubs, waxes and polishes the room floor.


Finishing Touches and Supervising

Our staff are well trained to give a fine finishing touch to the room before a new guest checks in. This involves;

Spray an air freshener to keep the room smelling fresh and clean.

Place new shampoo and soap in the bathroom, as well as restock the coffee and water.

Wipe down the coffee pot (if the room has one).

Fold the towels and washcloths according to hotel policy and fix the toilet paper, so it looks neat.

Maintains housekeeping carts with proper amount of towels and fresh linens to make up the number of rooms to be cleaning.

Keep a detailed report of missing / found articles, damage or merchandise problems to be used by the housekeeping supervisors.

NAKS have simple and straightforward strategies to approach each hotel room with a plan. We maintain checklists to ensure every duty has been completed.

NAKS Hospitality continue to add value to your hotel business through our helpful and friendly staff who respond to your guests and other colleagues at all times in a friendly and helpful manner. Apart from all assign duties they take up any tasks assigned to them by their supervisors as and when needed.

Window and Glass Washing

NAKS trained window washers will clean your windows inside and out until they sparkle. The windows will be washed using the most trusted brands in the window cleaning industry. Our streakless window cleaning services allow picture perfect views of the outdoors.