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Quality management

Quality management:

NAKS housekeeping is given a lot of importance in the total quality management. Improper housekeeping may lead to accidents and dull working environment. We recognize the importance of providing quality assured service to our customers, and extend our policy to encourage all our suppliers’ and consultants to apply the same principles.

Health and Safety

Poor housekeeping can be a cause of serious accidents. NAKS is committed to the highest standards of Occupational Health & Safety. A range of systems, checks and programs implemented throughout the organization enables us to achieve our goal of a workplace free of incidents and injuries. We have invested a great deal of management planning and achieved many benefits in the long run.

Environmental Management

NAKS hospitality is taking serious consideration on sustainable housekeeping practices. We will be introducing a range of Eco Friendly cleaning products that will over time be phased out to all of our staff.

Staff Management

NAKS will use industry experienced specialists to train new staff members using techniques such as on the job training. We always try to employ local staff who are experienced in the local hospitality culture.

Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Service is a specialized service which provides the management of cleaning services to multiple sites.

Environmental Cleaning Company

We are a green company. Here at NAKS the environment is very high up on our agenda. We are proud to be an Environmental Friendly Company. We take a responsible approach to the services we supply to our clients in the following sectors, office, commercial, retail, leisure, industry, education and tourism. Not only our staff trained in environmental issues, but all of our products are carefully chosen to ensure that they have the minimum impact on our environment.