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Our Staff

Our Staff

Our staff is our asset. We think our people are the best in the industry. We insist all of our staff are hard-working and excel at what they do. We also expect them to support each other and support you. We always try to get the best out of our staff by treating them well and making them proud of what they do and who they do it for. And because we think our clients’ peace of mind is priceless, all our staff are permanent employees, and legally entitled to work in Australia. We know because we’ve checked, thoroughly. We do a thorough check on this during recruitment and ensure we get the right people.


We fulfil your staffing need depending on your budget and business requirement. With our staffing service we will bring in our experienced housekeepers that fit your job requirements. Our housekeeping staff are experienced in all kind of cleaning with high attention to detail. We will complete the work as assigned in the time frame you provide for us.

Staff Training and certification

It is mandatory for all new staff to undergo compulsory OH&S training and site induction before starting with client sites. Then housekeeping trainees should be able to complete some physically demanding tasks like turning mattresses and moving furniture to clean behind it. We have a comprehensive training program which consist with formal/ informal training, assigning reading materials, providing handouts and hosting on-site-job-training.

All our staff must get Ecolab certification about chemical handling and occupational health and safety. Staff must pass the test to start work with NAKS. Upon the successful completion of the induction and training, the staff will be awarded the following certificates.

Quality Assurance

It is our policy to provide a Quality Control System which reflects exactly each client specification and requirements. This first requires a correct transition of the customer’s requirements and the capability to measure the variance from the required standard, with the process and means available to rectify the inadequacy.

Whilst working to improve and update the system of Quality Control, we monitor and collate all reports relating to quality and discuss these at our monthly corrective action meetings.

Quality Policy & Objective

It is our Quality Management Objective to achieve the lowest possible defects record in fulfilling our clients’ contractual requirements. As a Quality Company, it is imperative not only to maintain standards but to continue to strive towards excellence.

Quality Control Process

The purpose of the system is to record and establish that the agreed cleaning standards are being achieved and constantly maintained, while areas are highlighted that require greater attention to detail.

The program establishes minimum frequencies for contract performance inspections that are agreed with each client. Once agreed, an inspection will be recorded on to our Quality Inspection Schedule and cross referenced against records.

Quality Inspection reports have been specifically designed to assist in effective monitoring and detail necessary corrective action. These will be completed as per our Quality Inspection Schedule which will encompass the entire contract within a fixed period of time. These forms are adaptable to any individual contract and can therefore be totally flexible in quantifying measurable elements.