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Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety

NAKS is committed to ensure the safety of all employees as well as clients and visitors at the workplace. Every employee, regardless of position, has an individual and co-operative responsibility to be uncompromising with regard to health and safety. Risk management is incorporated as an integral part of all business initiatives and operations, ensuring all hazards are identified, assessed, controlled, and modified as necessary to maintain safe working activities. NAKS train employees on how to safely work with the products around them. Also, we have integrated housekeeping responsibilities into jobs by having workers clean up as they go during shifts by removing waste and unused materials and inspecting their work area to ensure cleanup was properly completed.

The success of NAKS operations depends on the people employed. The well-being of employees is therefore the major consideration in all company operations, whereby safety is one of NAKS greatest responsibilities. NAKS OH&S policy statement expresses the following commitments to health and safety in the workplace:

Maintain the OH&S Management System

NAKS demonstrates commitment to health and safety through own actions and the consistent application of policies and procedures.

We abide by all statutory and regulatory obligations as a minimum, and pursue best practice applications beyond these requirements. Also we do;

Provide the necessary training for all staff to safely perform their duties.
Consult with staff, on a regular basis, to identify and control risks.
Maintain plant and equipment in a safe operating condition.
Isolate defective or dangerous equipment until fixed.
Set and monitor OH&S improvement objectives and targets.
Review this policy to ensure it continually reflects legislative.

Safety & Risk Management

NAKS makes sure the highest priority in the company philosophy the management of Health & Safety is uppermost in the minds of all staff.

Over the years we have developed our safety & environmental procedures and policies to such a level that our external audit results are within the highest percentile when compared with industry standards.

All new employees prior to commencing work on a client site undergo essential training to ensure they can undertake basic tasks associated with cleaning requirements. All new employees are also presented with company "New Starter Packs" covering safety and environmental information.